April 15, 2018


1. Do you give discounts?
Yes, with a military ID will give a $5 discount and we give occasional discounts and perks to our e-mail customers.
2. How long does a detail take?
It takes 3-4 hours for an interior or exterior detail
It takes 5-6 hours for a full detail
It takes 7-8 hours for the ultimate detail
3. How long do full service packages take?
This depends on the condition of the car but typically about 30 minutes.
4. Are there any full service monthly plans?
Not at this time, but if you are a $29.99 monthly or a $39.99 monthly member you can add a vacuum for just $5 per wash.
5. Do you offer senior discounts?
Not currently.
6. What material are the wraps made of that are in the tunnel? 
They are made of a soft foam.
7. How do i know when my full service wash is completed?
One of our employee that worked on your car will come and let you know it is finished and walk you to your car and make sure you are happy with the vehicle.
8. Do you sell air fresheners?
No, but if you request air freshening they will give you a choice of the scents available at that time and apply them during your full service wash.


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