September 25, 2018

Puris Ceramic Coating

Look What’s New at The Car Wash Lodge!

We are proud to announce that we are now a certified install center for the Puris Ceramic Coatings Line.

Why Puris?

Puris protects your vehicle in a superior way against UV Rays, Dust, Acid Rain, contaminants, minor scuffs, abrasions, and creates an extreme hydrophobic barrier.  Prius Quartz ceramic provides the highest level of protection with a 9H in hardness and durability and offering a 4 year warranty.


What are Ceramic Coatings?

They are a neatly ordered arrangement of Silicon and Oxygen atoms in a 3D polymeric framework.  This nano-ordering causes a highly durable, glass-like coating to form that is responsible for greatly increased durability, chemical and mar resistance, UV stability and hydrophobic properties.  Ceramic coatings allow for an easier to maintain automotive finish while protecting the finish underneath it.  You can liken it to putting a screen saver over your vehicle.

What is the process for getting the ceramic coating installed?

The Car Wash Lodge makes it really simple, come in and have our Certified Installer do an evaluation on your vehicle.  He will write up an estimate and then discuss the time and cost to protect your vehicle.  Most installs take 2 days.

After the install, how long before I can wash it?

Initially after the install, the vehicle cannot get wet for 16 hours.  Then, it is recommended to wait 2 weeks for your first wash.

How do I maintain the vehicle afterwards?

The Car Wash Lodge has both locations set up with Blair Ceramic Infused Wash products.  These products also use a layering technology.  Each time you come through either of our wash tunnels, you are building minute layers that contine to support the Jade Quartz Ceramic Coating.  It is recommended that every 6 months you stop in on one of your regular visits and have our boost product applied.  This will reinforce the Quartz Ceramic Coating and continue to create a super hydrophobic barrier to your vehicle.  This process takes about 30 minutes on average.

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